Patrick Tyrance, Jr.


    Patrick Tyrance, Jr is a licensed physician and orthopedic surgeon with 13-plus years experience. He received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he was also a three-year starter on the Husker football team. He earned his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and a degree in health policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He completed his orthopedic surgery training at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard Combined Orthopedic Surgery Program.
    After years of performing joint replacement and arthroscopic surgeries, his medical practices now focuses primarily on integrative, holistic and non-operative management of musculoskeletal. He also has an interest in healthcare technology and telemedicine serving as an advisor for several start-up enterprises. He has recently completed an MBA from The George Washington University.

        Nacole Hause


        Nacole Rae Hause is highly versed in operational excellence as she is a Master Blackbelt in Lean Six Sigma and with a Quality background. She has 16+ years in Healthcare and has specialized in cardiovascular disease states. Currently, Nacole provides expertise to companies in organizational excellence with auditing, process improvement in addition to coaching and training employees to achieve optimal results. She has a passion for designing operational excellence studies with focus on human capital and sales force effectiveness. Nacole had served 13 years in the military and worked her way up from Private to Captain where she went onto serve two rotations as Company Commander. She was also selected as an Instructor at Emory University in Healthcare. Nacole completed a Masters Program in Lean Six Sigma/Project Management from Villanova University as she enjoys the art of change management.

            Kevin J. Alexander

            Director of Business Development

            Kevin J. Alexander is a business executive with a broad range of management experience in the Television, Healthcare and Tech industries. For over 25 years, he’s provided marketing expertise to a wide variety of businesses and professionals by helping them find unique identities, develop effective value propositions, build their brands and produce high-quality content to drive engagement, customer acquisition, sales revenue and bottom-line profit. Mr. Alexander graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Planning Administration, is recognized as a board-certified Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and maintains additional certifications from the Institute of i-Business as a ‘Certified Digital Marketer’ and “Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner”.

                Allen Brown


                Allen Brown is a business development professional with 35+ years of experience in diagnostic imaging. He was a significant contributor in a small company that developed and marketed a number of innovations that enabled the transition from film to softcopy radiology. Those advancements changed the way radiology is practiced today and allowed diagnostic images to be included in the electronic medical record. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame.

                    Robert Binford


                    Atypical accurately describes Robert Binford’s career. Robert began with a BS and
                    MS in aerospace engineering from Texas A&M University. He specialized in control
                    systems and flight testing, and his Thesis’s focus was flight test verification of
                    computational and wind tunnel test models funded by NASA Langley. He worked
                    for a couple of years in the defense industry with General Dynamics concentrating
                    on advance designs of several air and aerospace design proposals. Robert then took
                    a career change and attended medical school at The University of Texas
                    Southwestern School of Medicine. While at Southwestern, Robert worked in the
                    space research lab and helped in the preparation for Space-Life- Sciences 1 (SLS-1)
                    mission onboard the Columbia space shuttle, which flew in 1991. After medical
                    school, Robert specialized in cardiac surgery, and he has been in practice for 16
                    years. In that time, he has been at the forefront of minimally invasive heart surgery
                    and robotic heart surgery. Currently, he is in practice in the Seattle area. Finally,
                    Robert has served in the United State Air Force Reserves for many years and
                    currently acts as critical care physician on a Critical Care Air Transport Team

                        Corey Park

                        Strategic Advisor

                        Mr. Park is a Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP), with additional (CHP) certifications at the highest level in Portfolio Analytics & Risk Management. He also attended the Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business (Leadership & Management) and has served in executive leadership positions for over 20 years. Mr. Parks has closed several acquisitions and multimillion dollar lines of credit from hedge funds; as well as negotiated and / or closed many mergers, strategic partnerships, license and/or sponsored research agreements and joint ventures. As an experienced practitioner of business strategy, he has read, studied and applied numerous books and countless articles relating to business strategy (According to the Wall Street Journal, the most sought after executive skill set is strategic thinking).


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