Bio-MedPoint CAD Detection Set to Save Lives

Healthcare professionals know the key to better health is early detection of diseases. Up to now, there has not been a definitive test to determine the state of a patient’s coronary artery disease (CAD).


Imagine a patient goes to the emergency room complaining of chest pains. She’s been stressed over family issues and sudden job loss. While tests show she has not had a heart attack… what tests are available to show how likely she is to have one soon? What are her arteries like?

What are the costs in time, risk, procedures and patient health to find out?


Imagine the benefit of a simple one-hour blood test to show with high accuracy the state of her arteries and her risk of a coronary event. Once doctors know that, they can treat with a much greater chance of optimal outcome. Hospitals gain higher quality scores for Accountable Care Organizations.

Bio-MedPoint’s revolutionary system classifies biomarkers with 94% accuracy. So patients quickly gain peace of mind knowing their heart is healthy… or knowing the extent of the disease so they can start preventive measures.


This easy-to-integrate system works with existing lab equipment to reduce upfront costs. It will make it cost-effective for everyone to learn about their potential for a coronary event.


Then prompt treatment can be used to increase life expectancy and quality of life for the at-risk population. Being able to strategically direct treatment will lower costs to patients and the health community.

Health facilities most likely to benefit from Bio-MedPoint include:

Organizations and Institutions can reduce costs, increase revenue, gain higher patient satisfaction and higher ratings even as they offer better patient outcomes.
In the future, Bio MedPoint technology may also help determine the degree of patient health in other diseases as it uncovers biomarkers for:

Marketplace Size

Each year, in the USA alone, 370,000 people dies of coronary artery disease (CAD) and costs run about $109 billion. Unfortunately, the money spent for this disease is expected to grow at a rate of 9.6% each year in the USA.


A recent Gallup-Healthways study shows Americans in the less affluent communities are seriously at risk for heart events. In Charleston, WV 8.8 out of every 100 citizens have suffered a heart attack! Every city in the bottom 10 has over 6.8 attacks per 100 adults.


Early intervention holds the key to better lives and better outcome. Bio-MedPoint can make that possible. What makes Bio-MedPoint’s solution even more attractive is its low cost of implementation and affordable cost per test. Better health at lower cost!

Direct Cost for CAD

Companies that might benefit from Bio-MedPoint: